Cutting floor to install loop coil is the most time-consuming and labour-intensive job when installing a barrier gate. What if you can save money by cutting down the installation time and labour required to install a barrier gate?

Double detection, double safety
DualRay technology recognize the 3D space of detection area more accurately to minimize false trigger that can cause barrier arm to hit on people and car.

BRD03 Double detection double safety

Reduce installation time to just 30 minutes
BRD03 DualRay uses frequency to detect vehicles and therefore does not require any loop coil. All you need to do is to mount it onto the barrier gate housing. A traffic detector is a faster and easier alternative to a loop detector.

Less hassle to setup
Unlike other brands that require connecting to software via a data port, the BRD03 DualRay and LED Display setting can be programmed by the built-in dual push button.

With the LED display it’s much more easy to configure according to end user desire setting.

Other than a vehicle, a traffic detector can also auto reverse the arm when detecting a human. This is the added safety feature that is not available at loop detectors where it can only detect metal.

hit by the arm

Strong environment adaptability
The traffic detector does not require any underground loop coil therefore its performance is not affected by rain, heat, dust, cold and harsh weather condition.

barrier gate installed with traffic detector at site brd03

Work on any vehicle
One of the biggest challenges of loop coil is to detect big truck as there are typically higher above ground. BRD03 DualRay is enhanced with dual-lens 3D detection where it can detect vehicles of any height more accurately. The wider coverage area of BRD03 DualRay also allows it to detect small vehicles such as a motorcycle or even a bicycle.

traffic detector high truck 1

Work on any surface
Loop coil might not work well on interlocking bricks, soiled road or metallic plates typically found in the construction site. A traffic detector will be the best alternative to a loop detector in these road conditions.

Interlocking bricks 1